Adrián E. Beling

Dr. Beling is Academic Director of two pioneering postgraduate programs: the Global Studies Programme at FLACSO Argentina (Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences) and the Higher Diploma in Integral Ecology (, jointly awarded by 42 member-universities of the University Network for the Care of the Common Home (RUC). Adrian holds a PhD in Sociology from the Humboldt University of Berlin and from the Alberto Hurtado University, in Chile, as well as an M.A. in Global Studies. Trained in Economics, Business Administration and Social Sciences in Argentina (National University of Cuyo and FLACSO), Germany (University of Freiburg), and India (Jawaharlal Nehru University), he is a lecturer and public speaker in diverse academic and non-academic contexts in different countries. In 2014 he co-founded the academic blog and journal Alternautas, devoted to making Latin-American socio-environmental thinking available to a non-Spanish speaking audience. Dr. Beling’s theoretical and empirical work explores both the conditions for a successful sustainability transition (“transition governance”) and how governance itself is transformed as a result of sustainability imperatives (“governance in transition”). He has published extensively on the Latin-American Buen vivir experiment. Adrian’s latest work focuses on the role of religion & church as a sustainability governance agent, and on the interface of politics and culture in sustainability governance theory.

Selected Publications

  • Beling, A. E., Cubillo-Guevara, A.P, Vanhulst, J., Hidalgo-Capitán, A.L. (2021). Buen vivir (good living): A “Glocal” genealogy of a Latin-American utopia. Latin American Perspectives, 48, no. 3: 17–34.
  • Beling, A.E. & Vanhulst, J. (Eds.) (2019). Desarrollo non sancto. La religión como actor emergente en el debate global sobre el desarrollo sostenible. México: Siglo XXI Editores
  • Vanhulst, J., & Beling, A. E. (2019). “Post-Eurocentric Sutainability Governance. Lessons from the Latin-American Buen vivir experiment”, in A. Kalfagiani, D. Fuchs & A Hayden (Eds). Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance, London, Routledge, ISBN 978-1-138-04828-7
  • Cubillo-Guevara, A.P., Vanhulst, J., Hidalgo-Capitán, A.L. & Beling, A. E. (2018). Die lateinamerikanischen Diskurse zu Buen vivir: Entstehung, Institutionalisierung und Veränderung, Peripherie, Nr. 149, 8-28
  • Beling, Adrian E., Julien Vanhulst, Federico Demaria, Violeta Rabi, Ana Estefanía Carballo, and Jérôme Pelenc (2018). “Discursive Synergies for a ‘Great Transformation’ towards Sustainability: Pragmatic Contributions to a Necessary Dialogue between Human Development, Degrowth, and Buen Vivir.” Ecological Economics 144: 304–13.
  • Vanhulst, Julien ; Beling, Adrian (2017). Esquisse pour une généalogie glocal du Buen Vivir. Synergies Chili N°13, 15-25.
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