SustENABLE Transformation

SustENABLE Transformation is a long-term research program that, through various lines of research, with their respective associated projects, seeks to study and understand the structural conditions and processes that enable or hinder the fundamental reconfiguration of our unsustainable social and economic systems, as well as the contingent windows of opportunity that various agents can take advantage of to positively influence, initiate, lead, and accelerate transformations. It is a joint program between the Ecocene Foundation, the Faculty of Social and Business Sciences of the Universidad Católica del Maule (Chile) and the Global Studies Programme (GSP) at FLACSO Argentina.

Projects associated with SustENABLE Transformation cover the following thematic areas:

  1. Governance for Transition / Governance in Transition
  2. Unexplored synergies for socio-ecological transformation
  3. Cartographies: Social-ecological debates and struggles
  4. Latin American Buen Vivir
  5. Religion and socio-ecological transformation
  6. Economic Pluriversity

Dirección: Adrián E. Beling y Julien Vanhulst