Ana María Bonet

Researcher Catholic University of Santa Fe – CONICET.
Associate researcher Global Studies Program – FLACSO.

Postdoctoral CONICET.
PhD in Law (University of Bremen, Germany).
Master in Law – LLM (University of Freiburg, Germany).
Lawyer (UNL, Argentina), Mediator.

Director of the Socio-Eco-Legal Research Team, UCSF, Argentina.
Current project: “Human rights and economy. relationships and tensions
between social and environmental rights and the transnational legal-economic order”.

Member of the CAI+D research team: Human Right to Food in Santa Fe, FCJS-UNL

Invited Researcher Max-Planck-Institut of International Law (Heidelberg, Germany).

Lines of investigation:
Previous: Traceability and risk management. Regulation of the risks of transgenics. Right to food and intellectual property. Development Models and
Current: ecological responsibilities and integral ecology. human rights and
economy. Legal pluralism. Norms of access and human rights. Global commons. Human right to food and public food policies.